We are always happy to have new voices. Would you like to join our community?

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If you are interested, please fill out the form and our conductor will contact you to arrange an appointment.

Previous choral experience is required. Here's what to expect at the audition:

  • A few vocal exercises to determine which range is vocally comfortable.
  • A musical ear test. Triads are played, and the candidate is asked to sing the middle note of the chord.
  • The candidate is asked to sight-read a short piece of music.
  • The candidate is asked to sing a prepared piece. This may be a simple folk-song or hymn, or a more complex piece--anything that demonstrates the singer's vocal quality, diction skill, and musicality.

Rehearsals are held September-May on Monday evenings at the Church of the Heavenly Rest, on Fifth Avenue at East 90th Street, New York, NY
from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm.

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Canterbury's Philosophy
Canterbury's successes have their origins in the inclusive and welcoming spirit of Founder Charlie Walker, whose philosophy was to demand the best that the singers and musicians before him could produce, but with enthusiasm, patience, and grace. Conductor Jonathan De Vries maintains these high standards, with a directorial tone that is gentle and encouraging.